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Our Mission
To make automation technology accessible and practical for software and data engineers worldwide.


ActiveWorkflow helps you to turn complex requirements to workflows without leaving the comfort of your technology stack.

While not a no-code platform, it does offer a fully featured UI so that both developers and other stakeholders can manage and monitor workflows. See the GitHub project for more details.

Screenshot of ActiveWorkflow
Screenshot of ActiveWorkflow's web front-end.

For more details please check

ActiveWorkflow on GitHub

or see the ActiveWorkflow Documentation

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About Us
Pushing the State of the Art
Recent developments in technology have put us on the cusp of a new automation age. Intelligent automation will enhance the productivity and performance of businesses worldwide and will help offset the impact of a declining share of the working-age population in many countries.
Automatic Mode Labs aims to be at the forefront of the new automation age as a developer of practical and easy to use tools, with a focus on open source software. We are keen to help businesses benefit from the economics of automation and to provide software and data engineers with great tools to make it happen.
“Our objective is to help your team to substantially enhance its productivity, its efficiency, and to reduce operational risks.”
Vidas Pazusis
Co-founder / CTO