Solving business challenges with intelligent automation

Our Mission
To solve business problems with intelligent automation and to make software automation technology accessible and practical for companies worldwide.
Intelligent Process Automation
With Intelligent Process Automation (IPA), software robots can replace manual clicks (RPA), communicate with people (NLG), make simple decisions that aren't preprogrammed (machine learning), offer suggestions (cognitive agents), and coordinate work between systems and people (smart workflows).
Robotic Process Automation (R.P.A.)
Software tools that automate routine tasks such as data extraction through existing user interfaces.
Machine Learning / Advanced Analytics
Algorithms and statistical models useful for performing tasks without explicit instructions, relying on inference.
Natural Language Generation (NLG)
Software engines that create human-machine interactions by translating observations from data into prose.
For an open source NLG solution see Accelerated Text.
Five technologies that can be used independently or combined together for intelligent automation.
Smart Workflows
Process management software that integrates tasks performed by software robots and manages handoffs between stakeholders.
See our open source agent-based workflow automation solution ActiveWorkflow.
Cognitive Agents
Virtual workforce (“agents”) that is capable of executing tasks, communicating, learning from data sets, and making simple decisions.
See our open source agent-based workflow automation solution ActiveWorkflow.


ActiveWorkflow is our open source business process automation software, using autonomous software agents. These unsupervised agents act on schedule or react to external triggers, perform routine tasks, connect to third party services, process information, and help you automate internal or external workflows.
For more details please check ActiveWorkflow on GitHub.
screenshot of ActiveWorkflow
Screenshot of ActiveWorkflow's web panel.
About Us
Pushing the State of the Art
Recent developments in technology have put us on the cusp of a new automation age. Intelligent automation will enhance the productivity and performance of businesses worldwide and will help offset the impact of a declining share of the working-age population in many countries.
Automatic Mode Labs aims to be at the forefront of the new automation age as a leading developer of intelligent automation products and solutions, with a focus on open source software. Beyond technology, we are keen to help businesses benefit from the economics of automation, to assist with regulatory matters, and to help educate people about the productive use of automation at work.
“Our promise is to help your organisation to radically enhance its productivity, its efficiency, and to reduce operational risks. We believe the key to success is to automate activities, not jobs.”
Vidas Pazusis
Managing Director / CTO